Our NDIS cooking classes are for people with disabilities. Learn how to cook and learn about hygiene and food safety.

  • All kitchen equipment provided
  • Food and recipes
  • Personal protective equipment included
At the end of each class we'll share our meal together.


Our team will teach you everything you need to know including:

  • Reading a recipe
  • Learn how to work safely in the kitchen
  • Preparing ingredients including peeling and cutting
  • Cooking nutritious meals and desserts
  • Improve your fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination
  • Practice your time management and grow in confidence
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Try a variety of food textures and dishes
  • Community participation, and make new friends

At the end of the course, we invite our family or friends to share our graduation meal.


You can store butter in the freezer for up to six months.


Use an egg slicer to cut small fruits like kiwis.


Disinfect wood cutting boards by hand washing with vinegar.


Keep it simple!


Our chef!

My name is Emma Bobby, and I am a qualified chef with over 19 years of experience. I am a passionate foodie and advocate for a healthy lifestyle and this is reflected in all I do.

In 2020, thanks to the recent pandemic, I started to re-think my passion for food and teaching others which led to the creation of Sticky Fingers Kitchen.

My inspiration for founding Sticky Fingers Kitchen was to offer a safe space for all individuals regardless of circumstances and backgrounds, the ability to learn a life skill we all need. To learn how to cook.

I grew up in Sweden and I am a proud citizen of both Australia & Sweden. I cherish my influences and families from both continents and this is reflected in my cooking.I grew up cooking as a family and spending hours at the dinner table grazing, talking & establishing a healthy relationship with food. I have now adopted the same values with my own family.  We live as close to nature as possible on acreage in rural Darwin, growing some of our own produce.

Sticky Fingers Kitchen is an exciting opportunity for me to share my food discoveries, my passions and my joy for teaching and cooking with you.

During my teaching, I will share all that I have found & learned over the years of traveling the world and all I continue to discover on a daily basis throughout my cooking journey.

  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    Just wanted to give you a shout-out and positive feedback on your addition of the shopping list on the recipes!

    You don't understand how helpful that is for me (and Cohen!) when shopping! Game changer when looking in the cupboard to before we attempt a recipe he's done!

    Ingrid Biddulph
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow
    "It's stress-free and easy to learn. Plus, we get to have a celebration at the end of each term."
    Chef Flynn
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    "I like the pictures and all of the recipes and getting cuddles from everyone each week."

    Chef Amanda T
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow
    "It's nice to follow recipes by the pictures. Easy to see every step."
    Chef Thomas
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow
    "I like the conversations we have and the cooking we do."
    Chef Tahnee
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow
    "When you come to cooking, you forget about anything else that has happened in your day."
    Chef Dekota
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    "I like trying new recipes here that I haven't done before."

    Chef Abella
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    "I like to meet new people and cook alongside them."

    Chef Neil
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow
    "My home kitchen routines have changed for the better since starting to cook with Sticky Fingers Kitchen."
    Chef Kelli
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    “My son did the holiday cooking class with Emma and her team on Tuesday 6th October. He had an awesome time and wouldn't stop talking about what they cooked. He got given a chef's hat and printed copies of the recipes and has carried them around everywhere since, even took them to bed hehe!! Thanks, Emma and the other 2 lovely ladies who were there helping (can't remember their names sorry) for making his class such a memorable experience!! He can't wait to do the weekly classes with you all soon. “

    Richelle Kent
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    “Cooking classes were great, recommend more people to cook and create more interesting foods and dishes.”

    Jonty Beard
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    “Ashton Woodall had such a wonderful experience! He loved all the foods he cooked and has learnt some fantastic life skills xx.”

    Jeanne Woodall
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    “Awesome Activity for people with disabilities.  My ward and I as a disability support worker enjoy our classes. Chicken Enchiladas, Sausage stroganoff, Banana cake, the unforgettable Mango Tiramisu, and other goodies we cook every Wednesday, enjoying food and socializing.  Thanks Emma.  Your work is excellent!”

    Nataliya Kopytovskaya
  • Sticky Fingers Fork Yellow

    “My daughter attended one of the school holiday cooking classes and absolutely loved it! She came home and made her very own scrambled eggs the next morning. We will definitely be going back! Thank you Emma.”

    Casey Brauns